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5 Tips For Your First Dance At Your Wedding

5 Tips For Your First Dance At Your Wedding

If you are like most other women, you have been thinking about the first dance at your wedding for a really long time. It is something you’ve imagined, planned, and plotted – all you really needed was the person you would dance with when the time came.

However, some first dances are really awkward and you probably want to avoid that if at all possible. Here are some things you can do well before your wedding to ensure that you have the best possible first dance.

Pick A Song You Really Love

Your first dance should really be a song that means something to you as a couple. Sure, we all want that Ed Sheeran song or Taylor Swift song that you’ve loved for years, but you really need to pick a song that reflects your relationship.

Really listen to the lyrics and ensure that it is something you want to have to play at your wedding. Some people pick songs with hidden meanings (like Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love For You” which is actually about infidelity). There are so many different songs out there, so choose wisely. Don’t pick something that is too long, as most people don’t want to be the center of attention for seven minutes. (But if you do, go ahead!)

Take A Wedding Dance Class

Sometimes men will roll their eyes at the idea of taking a dance class in Toronto before their wedding day, but it really is something you should consider. With everyone looking at you, make sure that you can (at the very least) dance on the beat.

Even if the type of class that you take isn’t what you end up doing for your first dance, just getting in there and learning some basic moves can be helpful throughout the reception. At the very least, you’ll get to spend some time with each other throughout the chaotic wedding planning period.

Think About Your Clothing

You may be able to dance pretty well, but how about in a ballgown? How about in a three-piece suit? When you are thinking about your first dance, you absolutely want to consider what you will be wearing.

The skirt of your dress does have the chance to make you trip, so might a train. You have to think about what is more important, being able to do the waltz or wearing the dress of your dreams?

Of course, then you also have to think about your accessories. If you wear a tiara, bring some extra bobby pins so it stays in place.

Think About Your Shoes

This one gets its own category – what are you going to be wearing on your feet? Have you had a pair of high heels that you’ve wanted to wear at your wedding but you can barely walk in them? Then you probably can’t dance in them either. If you haven’t decided on your shoes yet, you may want to make that decision quickly.

Think about the groom too – their shoes aren’t comfortable and tend not to have as much flexibility as normal shoes do. Both of you should practice a few times in your shoes so that you can be sure your feet will do what your mind tells them to do.

Remember To Have Fun

Your first dance is a time for you and your life partner to come together after a day when you really don’t have that much time together. While everyone is celebrating the two of you, you won’t get the chance to just be. Now is that time. Don’t stress over situations that you cannot control and don’t try to micromanage every step of the dance – instead, just learn to feel the music.

Image by Dance2016 from Pixabay

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